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Space, Time’s Sister, was a little put out by the fact that there was now a whole bunch of different Races on different Worlds, that inadvertently held her Brother in such high esteem. The Gods, seemingly delighted by their success with the Celestians on Legian, had created similar beings every where they went. She was somewhat cleverer than her Brother and devised a way to create her own following. She started with Legian, and actively sought out females among Time Worshippers, that were unhappy with their lot and planted a thought in their minds.

After this visitation, the partner of the female would find himself confronted the next day with the following statement “I think we need Time apart, I need some Space”. This statement, was obviously very clever, and Time was prickled every time he heard it. He let fly at his Sister at one point, referring to her as an Amazon, meaning that she was primitive and brutish.

Not missing a trick, she ran with it, and her followers became the Amazonians. She led these unhappy Souls into the Dark Jungles south of Celestia, off of the safety of the Plateau, and formed them into a fierce all female society of warriors and hunters.

They loved and worshipped their “Space” above all. Their Spirits could run free, and they were beholden to none but each other.

They became masters of the trees and poisons, and the use of simple, primitive but very effective weapons. The large cats of the Jungles were drawn to their fires, and these they befriended, hunt with, and ride into War.

To keep their numbers growing, raiding parties are sent up to the plateau, to capture males. These they breed with during a ritual Celebration, the culmination of which is a feast featuring their flesh. Any ensuing male births are fed to their Cats.

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