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The Barbarians can be found between the Lands of Decia and Lionia to the North, below the Table of Creation. 
If anything could be described as being "below the table of creation" it would be this race of unruly, drunken, lusty, brawling, warlike misfits.
They respect only one thing.
Their Mother.
They have need for only three things, in any combination or order.
Beer, Fighting and Women. 
Utterly terrifying, a Barbarian Horde is the absolute worst nightmare of any General.
Fighting a battle against such a foe is like being involved in a  massive bar room brawl.
They are completely unpredicatble, feel no pain because of the booze, are incited by their women, and fight as hard without weapons as they do with.
To make matters worse, they ride to war on Mountain Lions and Sabretooths, and fight alongside Giants, Maulers, and Tramplers.
There is a lot of uncertainty about the origins of the Barbarian race.
It is a secret handed down from Mother to Mother.
The Mother, and her Cronies, lead and direct the Horde if such a thing is possible.
They don't appear to understand Ascension, they worship multple Gods, none of which are known to the other races of Legian, and seem to fight among themselves more often than against others.
It is rumored that they are survivors from another world, that they themselves destroyed.
But how could that be?

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