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Battle Valor Fantasy Rulebook

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This is the Perpback Battle Valor Fantasy Rulebook.

200+ pages, packed full of everything you need to play this awesome 15mm Fantasy Scale Mass Combat Tabletop Game. It also includes complete descriptions of all 33 Races that can be found in the World of Legian, as well as a complete Bestiary of every available unit for all 33 Armies.

Contents Include


Basic Rules

Advanced Rules; Terrain & Its Effects, Generals & Characters, Subordinate Commanders, Advanced Weapon Chats, Combat Rules, Detachment Rules, Reserves and Flank Marchers, Baggage Trains & Camps, Weather & Its Effects, Flying & Aerial Combat, Scenarios & Missions, Campaigns

Building Your Army

The Races of Legian


Army Construction QR Chart

Gameplay Quick Reference Chart