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The race of Bestians, as they are known to man. were not created by the Gods as part of their orginal plan. They were, in fact, a terrible punishment inflicted on the Frigians for abandoning the true Gods, almost immediately after thier creation, when they took up the Worship of Animal Spirits.
The Frigians live in the frigid, ice and snow covered forests and wastes of the frozen North. They rely almost entirely on the flesh of animals for their source of sustenance.
The Gods, in their spite, worked a powerful Magic. Everytime a Frigian Hunter kills an animal, its Spirit is reborn in the flesh, a parody of both the animal and its slayer.
Some have the bottom half of a man and the top of a beast, and others the reverse.
They have a single Primal Instinct. To exact revenge for their murder, in their previous life.
Thus, a Frigian Hunter, seeking to extend his life with food, gurantees its end by finding it. 
A great Hunter will often meet his end in a ferocious battle with a pack of his kills. Thus, the Hunter becomes the hunted.
The Bestians inhabit the North West, and few except the Legian Rangers dare to venture there, unless it is in great numbers. The Bestians have become numerous, breeding much faster than most races due to their part anmial heritage. 
They live for the most part in vast Herds, often centered around large rings of Sacrifical Stones that they have erected.
The Dominants lead the Herds. This position can only be achieved by a Bestian bringing the Frigian responsible for its creation "alive" to one of the Great Stones, and tearing its heart out. This gives the Bestian the right to issue a challenge to the current Dominant.

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