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Decians. as they are known to the race of Men, are not by any means natural. The bony rattling of their Armies, send chills up the spines of the most hardened Warriors. They are not easily destroyed, and in most instances only a very well prepared enemy actually manages to defeat them.
During the time of Creation, the Gods originally struggled with the longevity of the Pyramian race they created to serve them. Their bodies were weak, susceptible to disease, infection, and general trauma. As the race began to breed, and the population began to swell, death became an issue, as did the disposal of the bodies.
The Gods did not want to taint the ground on which they were building with corpses, so they were transported on a regular basis to the North East and dumped in the Lake of Shadows. Here the flesh would decay, and the bones sink into the depths. The creatures that called the lake home grew fat on the rotting flesh of the dead.
Unknown to the Gods, the lake itself slowly became imbued with the Power of Creation, which bled into the water from many bodies that had been disposed of in its shadowy depths.
The magic was weak to begin with. The first skeletons that dragged themselves from the lake stumbled but a few yards, and then fell upon the shore. Here the bones were found by Wolf packs, that split them apart with their powerful jaws to seek the marrow inside. The consumption of the magically infused human bone marrow had its on effect on the Wolves. Thus the race of Werewolves was born, who became Guardians of the Waters.
In the fullness of time the strength of the magic grew within the water, and soon Skeletons emerged that a sword could barely tear asunder.
These beings wandered aimlessly until a band of Apocalypsian spell casters came upon them, and learned that with the right spells, they could be controlled and organized into an army the likes of which the World of Legian had never seen.
After battle, the fallen from both sides would be collected from the field and deposited in the lake, reanimating them to ensure a never ending, and ever growing army of bones.
The only way to ensure the complete destruction of a Skeleton Warrior, is to make sure its bones can never be returned to the Lake, from whence it came.

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