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Delvians, as they are known to men, are an off shoot of the Elvian "Dividing". This race is also often referred to as Winters People. This is not because of the season, but rather because of the Goddess. 
While the Gods are sometimes viewed as cruel, they are also just. When Summer betrayed the Elvians, the Gods felt responsible in part. Although they divided the Elvians into three races, they took pity on their plight.
Each race was provided a Protector. Summer, as punishment was given the Elvians to watch over. Spring was given the Wovians.
Winter was given the Delvians. This was to be no easy task, and would be her undoing.
When the Dividing took place, all that was bad about the Parent race was transferred into the Delvians. Every evil, selfish thought and act that had transpired in the past became their heritage.
They hate all living things other than themselves and those that serve them. They are cruel and like to torture their victims, or prolong their death.They engage in sins of the flesh, and take pleasure in abusing captives of other races. For sport they like both animal and combat fighting pits, forcing their captives to kill one another for their entertainment.
Winter for her part, originally despised this behavior, being a creature of, and wielding the Power of Creation. She tried at first, to steer them away from this path, and sought to bring light into their souls once more.
But even Gods have weaknesses. After a time, she became tempted by the pleasures of the flesh and would Descend to join in Victory Celebrations. She even began to find pleasure in the taking of a life, instead of the Creation of one. Often, during battle she will possess the body of a great Delvian Warrior and poor her own malice into its blades, revelling in the carnage she wrought.
There is no salvation for the Delvians other than the hope of Ascension, but they do not wish to Ascend. They kill, as often and frequently as they can, but they are careful never to be ahead in the great Tally.
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