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Elvians, as they are known to the race of men, are not originally from the World of Legian, although they were created by the same Gods. They are actually from another World, where like Legian, the Gods had set up the same cruel experiment, pitting races against one another in continual War, with the promise of Ascension.
The Elvians were cheated out of their Ascension. The Daughter of the Gods, Summer, fell in Love with the Elvian King, but he shunned her in favor of a female of his own breed. The Elvians had clearly won the great Tally, but in a fit of jealous rage, Summer gave herself to one of the great Abaci in return for its guarantee to change the count.
Having learned of the new World of Legian and being infuriated by Gods betrayal, the Elvians stormed one of the great Sky Ships, and went in search of it. They would either have a second shot at Ascension, or, at the very least get to meddle in the Gods latest games.
The Gods themselves felt ashamed of Summers act, and did not pursue the Elvians, although they could not allow the act of defiance to go unpunished either. Summer had created a potentially very dangerous enemy for the Gods, which left unchecked could become a thorn in their side.
They "allowed" the Elvians to find Legian. Once they had disembarked from the Sky Ship, the Gods saw to its destruction, stranding the Elvians on Legian.
They then did something terrible.
Using their powers, they mentally and physically changed the Elvians, splitting them into three races, each of which was given a hatred of the other two. Thus the Delvians and the Wovians were born.
The Gods also made each race believe that it was the other two races that were to blame for not Ascending. Each race was given its own language, which the other two could not, or would never be able to understand, guaranteeing they would never resolve their differences.

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