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Falconians Coming Soon!

The Gods have eight Children among them. The girls, Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, have dominion over races of the Elvian Dividing and the Orcians.
Their sons, Earth, Fire, Water and Air, not only have control of the Elements, but also have the responsibility to make the Land of Legian secure.
It is their duty to make sure that no one leaves the Island, and that no one from outside, enters it, as Legian is not the only Land upon this heavenly body.
To ensure this each son created a Guardian Race to both protect the Island and the secrets of his Element.
The Falconians are the Guardians of the Skies, and a mixed breed of Humans and Birds of Prey.
Their homeland is deep in the South of the Isle, in the Talon Mountains, where the Temple of Air can be found.
They are the masters of the sky and all creatures that call it home.
As Guardians of the Air, they have some limited ability to control it, and can create thermal currents to ride upon at will.
From their Eyries, they patrol the skies, making sure that no being strays more than a hundred leagues beyond the shores of Legian, and also that nothing from Beyond, comes within a hundred and fifty leagues of its shores.
They, like the other Elemental Races, do not participate in the Great Tally, with the exception of becoming victims when assaulted by races that are trying to rack up their own score.
As Guardians of one of the Elemental Secrets, they are guaranteed an afterlife among the Gods, and the eldest and wisest of their race, often commune with the Gods directly. 
They fulfill their duty with all manner of aerial crossbred beasts, chief among them the Horgles, Eagletors, Griffons, Felawks and Dracorocs.
This is a proud and very honorable Warrior Race.