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The Frigians were the fifth Race to be created by the Gods. As the populations of the earlier races began to grow, so did the need to feed them. The Gods needed to create Farmers, Fishers, and Hunters. These races would provide sustenance for all. Given the abundance of Beasts their Children had created, the easiest place to start was with the Hunters.They fashioned the first Frigian male and female from existing Stygian stock. The Stygians vicious nature would mean that the Hunters would feel no guilt about slaying the beasts they must track and kill. On top of this they added more muscle, height, stamina, speed, intelligence and cunning to provide the Hunters with the qualities they would need. They also took away the emotion of Fear, to enable them to confront any size quarry or enter any Beasts lair. This would have its own consequences.

Settling into their Lands in the frozen north, it was not long before the Frigians were supplying meat for all. Hunters competed to track, kill and butcher ever larger creatures, and so it was they came upon the Mammoths. They found these monstrous beasts not only provided vast amounts of meat, but could also be domesticated and trained, making them both excellent as beasts of burden and War!

All was well, until “Time” interfered and corrupted the Frigians. Time despised the Gods and their arrogance. He convinced the Frigians that it was the Animals, that in fact provided for them, not the Gods. As a result they turned from Worshipping and paying Homage to the Creators, and began to Honor and Pray to the Animal Spirits. They adorned themselves with the skins, fur and horns of their prey, in an attempt to bring them closer to the ones they now saw as Father and Mother.

Infuriated the Gods, threatened the Frigians with a cruel and vicious punishment unless they change their ways. Being “Fearless”, they laughed at the Gods, and said “Do unto us as you will”. Thus, the Bestians were born. The Gods turned their backs on the Frigians forever, and “Time”, sitting in his favorite rocking chair, sipped his cup of tea and chuckled.

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