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Gillians Coming Soon!

This race was first known as simply the Fishers. Having made the hunters (Frigians), and the Farmers (later the Dynastians), the Gods created the Fishers from Pyramian stock.
They had but one simple task, to ply the sea's, lakes and rivers for food for the workers.
Their home is the Briny Isles Island chain off the South East coast of Legian. Here, they set about building a fleet of ships to work the Oceans.
Being fisherman they lived mostly off of their catch, but over time this was to effect them greatly. The food they ate was imbued with some of the magics that helped create Legian, and over time this started to transform them.
At first this was in the form of scaly looking skin, but in time led to the development of webbed feet and hands, and eventually even gills. 
This did not effect everyone, and so the Gillian race as they became known, is mixed. 
There are some normal humans, some part human and fish, and some that are almost completely fish that live solely in the water.
Even now they continue to work the seas and provide fresh fish to most of Legians towns and markets, using an intricate network of waterways and land routes to deliver their catch.
Simple folk, they have never really got caught up in the Great Tally, but that does not mean they do not fight or have an army.
In fact they have a very powerful army, and they need it.
They are continually at odds with the Crustacians, who believe they have no rights to the Oceans or anything in them.
This war, has claimed countless lives on both sides, and sunk many Gillian vessels.