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Welcome to the Home of Battle Valor Games

Battle Valor Gaming is dedicated to providing unique Games, Rules and Miniatures untilizing our vast Tabletop Gaming Experience and our decades long involvement in every aspect of this fantastic Hobby.
We firmly believe our customers are the most valuable part of our business, and will endeavor to provide you with the highest level of Customer Service and Involvement possible.

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Battle Valor Fantasy Rules

The Full Battle Valor Fantasy Rules (100 pages) are currently available as a PDF Download from our Facebook Group. Join Group Battle Valor Games, if you would like to try them out.

Battle Valor Fantasy Figures Size
The Miniature range is scaled around the Human races which are 18mm tall. Some races are taller like the Orcians and Scalians which are 20mm. Some races are shorter like the Dwarians and Goblians which are 13mm.

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Paypal Checkout
If you are going to pay by Paypal on the website, it is important you follow the checkout procedure to the end so you can select your shipping. This is very important for International customers. Do not checkout directly from the cart with paypal, you will not get the best shipping option available to you.

We have a European Distributor based in the UK!

I am delighted to announce that I now have a European Distributor based in the UK. This is Martin Mitchell at Dragonfrog Games. Martin is stocking the entire line, and has been a supporter of Battle Valor Fantasy from day one.We are currently in the process of casting hundreds of Miniatures for him. Here is a link to his website, please feel free to contact him via the site.

Dragonfrog Games Link

News & Releases

Junes Special Edition Figure


with all orders placed in June
This is the first of this years Special Edition figures. He is the first in a set of 3 Demon Hounds!

Hellian Flash Sale!

Until Midnight on Sunday June 24th get 20% OFF all Hellian Packs, on top of any discount you normally receive.

The first 20 Order placed will also receive a FREE Hellian Giant!


6/18 This weeks New Release is the Vermian  Bull Rats.

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6/12 This weeks New Release is the Vermian  Brood Brutes Full Pack,Half Pack, and Skirmish Pack.

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6/4 This weeks New Release is the Vermian Cavalry with Hand Weapons & Shields on Unarmored Ratweiller Full Pack,Half Pack, and Skirmish Pack.

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5/27 This weeks New Release is the Vermian Cavalry with Spears on Unarmored Ratweiller Full Pack,Half Pack, and Skirmish Pack.

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5/20 This weeks New Release is the Vermian Cavalry with Bows on Unarmored Ratweiller Full Pack,Half Pack, and Skirmish Pack.

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5/13 This weeks New Release is the Vermian Bowmen Full Pack,Half Pack, and Skirmish Pack.

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5/7 Starter Armies now Available for 11 of the 13 Current Races. Each Army contains 68-73 figures, and costs just $70. 

In addition, each Army comes with 9 FREE Command figures.

Check them out HERE

5/7 Skirmish Packs Now Available.

Well its taken me a while to get them set up, but you will be happy to know that Skirmish Packs are now available for all existing Infantry, Cavalry, Linebreakers, and Animals Packs.

You will find these items on the appropriate Army Page, near the top, or on the Skirmish Packs Category Page.

These packs contain one of the following;

8 Infantry

4 Cavalry

3 Linebreakers

8 Animals

There is a drop down menu that allows you to select the pack type you want.

5/6 This weeks New Release are the Vermian General, the Vermian Spearmen Full Pack and Half Pack.

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4/27 This weeks New Release are the Vermian Command, the Vermian Swordsmen Full Pack and Half Pack, and the Vermian Shields.

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You can also now Preorder the Vermian Assault Engine!

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This is on top of any discount you normally receive. Make sure you log into your account before shopping.

The New Home of Battle Valor Games

I am delighted to announce that the new official home of Battle Valor Games is the The Games Tavern in Chantilly VA. The store address is 4124 Walney Rd, Suite H, Virginia, 20151.
Within a couple of weeks, you will be able to come to the store and buy the entire BVF product range right off of the shelves. It is a fantastic new store, with loads of games tables, and all the usual product you would like to find at your local game shop.
This site is also where I will be manufacturing the range, and is also home to Covert Intervention Games.
I will be running BVF game demos, gaming events, and more most Saturday afternoons, and ultimately the first trial tournaments.
Stop by and see this great new Game Store!

4/7 This weeks New Release is the Vermian Core Army. You get 152 figures for $155 (Normally $179). 
Click HERE to order!

3/22 This weeks New Release is the Unit Experience Level Counter Set. It contains 80 plastic tokens for Levy, Regular, Veteran, Elite, Berserker and Guard Troops.
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2/19 This weeks New Release is the entire Hellian Range. As these figures were slated for release over the next 6 weeks, and since I will be shut down during March, I have decided to make the whole range available now, so you can get some before the shut down. All currently available Hellian figures are available in full packs, as well as half packs where approriate.
There are a total of 20 codes to choose from.
Click HERE to order!

2/13 This weeks New Release is the Hellian Core Army (152 figures)
Click HERE to order!

If you have any questions or input please email

Hobby Store Owners

I am now happy to announce that I am ready to start selling the Battle Valor Fantasy range into Hobby Stores. If you would like to carry the range please shoot me an email at I will send you all the necessary information to open an account.

International Shipping
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US Shipping
All orders up to $74.99 are shipped with a flat rate of $7.50 by Priority Mail.
All orders over $75 are freight FREE.

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The Website
As you can see to the left, we have a vast range of miniatures under development. As each range starts to come on line, I will remove the Coming Soon!.
It is my intention to update the website as often as possible with new miniatures. As I receive the greens, they will be master molded, and I will post pictures of them, so you can always see whats just on the Horizon. You can expect new releases to be available pretty much every week for the forseeable future.

The miniature pictures do not show the full contents of the packs. They show the variation of figures and accessories that the packs are made up from. Read the item descriptions to see what you get.

Basing Conventions for BVF
If you want to start building an army for BVF, below are basing guidelines. Note that the game uses both square and round bases. This represents facing in the game. Units on round bases, can move, charge, shoot etc in any direction. They have no facing. Units on square bases, can only see to their front.
Minimum unit size for all Infantry, Missile Troops, Animal Packs and Cavalry Units in BVF is 4 Stands. There is currently no maximum size, although this may change.

General- Your general should be mounted on a 40mm Diameter Bases.

Characters- Your character models should be mounted on 25mm Diameter Bases.

Infantry- Your Infantry should be mounted 4 miniatures to a base on 40mm x 40mm bases.

Missile Troops – Your Missile Troops should be mounted 2 to a base on 40mm x 20mm Bases.

Cavalry – Your Cavalry should be mounted 2 figures to a base on 40mm x 40mm Bases.

Line Breakers - Your Ogres, Trolls, Stone Golems, and similar sized creatures should be mounted individually on 25mm Diamater Bases.

Shock Troops - Your Orcian Moorbeasts, Iron Golems, Giants and similar sized creatures should be mounte individually on 40mm x 40mm Bases.

Animal Packs - Your War Hounds, Wolves, War Boars and similar units should be mounted 3 to a base on 40mm x 40mm Bases.

Fliers- Your fliers should be mounted individually on 40mm Diameter Bases.

Monstrous Creatures - Your War Mammoths, Tricericades, Juggernauts and similar sized creatures should be mounted on 40mm x 60mm Bases.

War Machines
– Your War Machines should be mounted on a 100mm x 50mm Bases.

The World of Legian
"War is coming? I think not. War has been here, is here, and will continue to be here until such a time that the Gods see fit to rid the World of the Pestilence of so called Intelligent beings. It is within our very nature to covet, desire, and try to obtain those things that belong to our neighbors, be they man or beast. Thus, conflict is inevitable."
Attributed to William of the Legian, Wise beyond his years.

The World of Legian is populated by countless races, with many names that I myself would not attempt to pronounce. For simplicity's sake, we will refer to all races by the names given to them by men.

Legian has been forever at War, and for a very good reason, if one is even necessary.

This deserves explanation if only to prepare you for the World you have entered. 

When the Gods created our World and its Denizens, they also ensured its, and their destruction. 
Afterall, why come back and clean up your mess if you can get someone else to do it.

As they left this realm, they promised two things. One, that they would return at a time suited only to themselves. Two, that the race that had proved itself most worthy by the number of souls claimed throughout the ages would ascend to the Heavens and live in Paradise among the Gods themselves.

They left the 12 Great Abaci to keep track of the score as the bodies began to pile up.

Their last act was to create the Legian itself. This very skilled military force was given a mission. To make sure no one race ever got too far ahead or became too dominant. To this end, the Legian has always found a reason to declare War on the strongest, using politics and espionage to hide the real reason.

The ranks of the Legian believe their mission is to defend the weak.

Only the 3 High Marshalls know the truth. That the members of the Legian, and only them, will ascend to live among the Gods.

Legian Rangers