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Orcians & Goblians
These two races, the Orcians being the dominant of the two, were actually the by products of Creation. Not every work of Art is a Master Piece, and sometimes you have to try once or twice before you get it right. This is how it was for the Gods, when they fashioned the first two races, the Pyramians and the Dwarians.
They just couldnt get it right. The body was too short, the ears too pointy, the face mis-shapen or out of proportion, the muscles too heavy or too light, and other such abnormalities.
These beings were tossed aside, and given menial tasks to perform for the Gods while they worked on their Master Pieces.
When all was finished, and their Task complete, the Gods boarded their ships and left Legian. As they passed over the hills and woods of the South West, the cargo bays were opened, and the Imperfect Ones, as they had become known, were jetisoned. Gravity would see to their destruction, and no one would know of the Gods mistakes.

True kindness can only be found in the innocence of a Child. The Gods had eight Children among them . Four of them girls, Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.
It was Autumn that took pity on the Imperfect Ones, using her magic to break their fall, guiding them to land amidst the trees, making the leafs drop to the ground, and act as a cushion for their landing.
The two Races celebrate their Salvation once a year on its Anniversary, shaking the tree's to make the leafs Fall.
Since the Fall, the Orcians, and to a lesser extent the Goblians (being not so bright), have had one mission. To repay the Gods for their treachery, and to free Autumn from their vile grasp, so she may walk among her Children.
To this end, both races do everything they can to disrupt the Gods plans, the World of Legian and the great Tally, in the hopes that at some point it may force a confrontation with the Gods, and allow them to settle an Age Old Score.

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