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The Pyramians were the first race to be created, and are the original Pure Bloods. They inhabit the vast deserts of the South East, bordered by the lands of the Dynastians to the North, and the Jungles of the Scalians to the South.
The Gods needed workers to aid in their Grand Design. They imbued the Pyramians with some of their own powers, so that they might be able to help shape the Sands of Creation into the many things that make up the World of Legian. The ability to influence gravity was chief among these, allowing the Pyramians to move vast stones and rocks, as if they were weightless.
The Pyramians, first built the Great Engines of Creation, the Pyramids themselves.
They are a Noble race, but given to eccentricity.
They believe they will be the ones to Ascend. After all, why not, they were the Gods First Born.
The Gods believe differently. They would never allow a race that understood and wielded some of the Powers of Creation to Ascend. They would be a threat to the very structure of the Heavens.
For this reason, the Pyramians find themselves inexplicably the victims of continual Plagues and Pestilences, which decimate their population on a regular basis. In their naivity , they believe this to be the work of the Apocalypsisns.
The Gods know differently, and it amuses them.

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