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The Rhinocians are the Guardians of the Earth, and have control of this most fundamental of Elements.
Their home land is to the west, below the cliffs of the Table of Creation and Kingdoms of the Legian. In these vast plains the Temple of Earth may be found.
They are a simple race, with simple homes.
Their only real passions are contests of strength and fighting.
Although they are Guardians of Legian and thus not part of the Great Tally, their love of fighting see's them involved in just about every battle, conflict, and war that takes place.
This is the result of their Mercenary Forces. They love to hire themselves out to anybody who is willing to pay for their services, just so they can knock some heads in.
Many important and powerful figures hire them as body or palace guards.
Due to their responsibilty of guarding Legian itself, they maintain military Out Posts in all the lands, and in particular at the Sea Ports.
Due to their intimidating size, they are often used by local officials to settle disputes, stop citizen uprisings, and break up bar fights.
Created by Earth, who wanted a strong race, they are a mix of human and rhino, with the occasional elephant thrown in. Bulky and muscular it takes twenty men to move a Rhinocian warrior that has consumed to much Mead.
Though give to rambunctious and stubborn behavior, they take their duties very seriously, and one would be unwise to think they did not.

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Rhinocian Infantry Shields (20 Shields)
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Rhinocian Infantry Shields (20 Shields)
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