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The Vampirians, as they are known to man, were not created by the Gods, and are in fact feared by them.
Aspiritai of the Stygians, the most beautiful of her race, was to wed the Pyramian King, Astofu the Undying.
During their love making on the Eve of the Ceremony, Aspiritai drew blood upon his neck. Tasting of it, she could not help but drink, overcome with a lust she herself, could not understand.
The blood, imbued with the Power of Creation, coursed through here, both at once killing her and making her Immortal.
She would have killed Astofu, if not for the interruption of the Expectant One. Royal Wives are not permitted to bear fruit, an act for the lowly. The Expectant One, entered to receive the Seed of Creation at the appointed time, in place of her would be Queen. At the bloody sight she raised the alarm.
Aspiritai fled, and learned soon that she could make more like herself. She created the Court of Ten, 5 Males and 5 Females. These Ten went forth and created 10 more Courts of Ten, and so on and so forth. Now they exist everywhere.
Wielding a limited level of the Powers of Creation, the Vampirians learned they could fly, become invisible, teleport and more. Above all they learned they could wake the Dead and wield them as an army.
While the blood of the races of Legian, tempers their thirst, it does not and cannot ever satisfy it. Only the blood of the Gods can do that, and that is why the Gods and their envoys fear them.
The next best thing is the blood of a Pyramian.

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