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Wovians, or Spring's people as they are also known, are an off shoot or the Elvian dividing. While their kin the Delvians were imbued with all that was bad, the Wovians were imbued with all that is good.
They celebrate life, rebirth, and all natural things that surround them. They both commune with and can control all manner of natural spirits.
Known for their kindness and compassion, especially for any living thing that is suffering, many seek out their wisdom, most notably the Legian Rangers.
Their home can be found in the Great Wovian Wood, below the Table of Creation to the North West.
They hunt freely knowing that all things are reborn, and celebrate both the beginning and end of a life.
Occasionally, Wovians bind themselves to natural Spirits with the use of a Crystal Cage, but only with the consent of the Spirit.
This benefits both parties.
The Wovian can channel and use the abilities of the Spirit within the cage, giving him or her, all kinds of seemingly unnatural powers.
The bound Spirit is guaranteed an almost eternal existence, safe from those who are capable of draining or corrupting life forces.
It is also given access to all the knowledge of the Wovians.
From time to time, the Spirit is allowed to "emerge" by possessing and transforming the Wovians body into its own during life. This can be a powerful weapon at the right time.
The Wovians have no interest in ascending. They see the Gods as cruel beings and can imagine no greater punishment than having to live among them.
In fact, the only thing Wovians despise is cruelty, which puts them at Eternal odds with the Delvians, their Goddess Winter, and most of Legian!
There is a Dark Side to the Wovians.
It has been noted that Wovians countenance and physique seem to change when they witness cruelty, almost switching rapidly between both a good, and a somewhat vindictive, and wicked looking being. 
It is not wise to push the sensiblities of a Wovian to far.

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