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The Wyrmians are without a doubt, the most deadly race in Legian, and an encounter with one of their armies never ends well.
Guardians of the Secret of Fire, their home is in the mountainous outcrop in the North West of the Isle. Here in the Inferno Peaks the Temple of Fire may be found, if anyone ever dares to go look for it.
The Wyrmians do not like to be disturbed and venture forth from their homelands very rarely.
They patrol the magma chambers and lava tunnels beneath the Isle, guarding its very heart.
They have an utter hatred for the Guardians of Water, and practically the only thing that is guaranteed to see them march to war, is an incursion of the Crustacians upon land.
The battles that take place when these two armies encounter one another are a sight to behold and can be seen from miles away, as great clouds of steam rise into the air.
Wyrmians favorite delicacy is the flesh of a Crustacian Crusher. They love to capture these creatures, to feast upon in their camps of war.
Whilst chained down, and still alive, Wyrmian warriors rip pieces from the poor creature, cook it with their fiery breath, and then sit and consume it while telling their stories around the fire.
They make sure to keep the creature alive as long as possible, cauterizing the wounds where pieces are torn from, to prevent blood loss.
This is a horrible and painful death for the Crusher, and a practice the Wovians find absolutely despicable. 
War between the Wovians and Wyrmians has raged for decades over this practice.
A simple Wyrmian warrior is a very dangerous foe, capable of slaying many enemies in battle. Their Drogres, Trigons, Incinerators and packs of Wyrmlings are devastating.
A lone Dragon King can, and has laid waste to entire Civilizations.

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