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Apocalypsians Coming Soon!

The Apocalypsians are probably one of the most dangerous races in the World of Legian. This is not due to their physical or military prowess, but rather their wanton lack of respect for life, their own and their enemies.
They are an off shoot of the Pyramians, dissatisfied with their lot and Legian itself. Unlike most of the other races of Legian, they do not believe War has any rules, or that Honor is important. Their goal is to win the great Tally as fast as possible so they may Ascend to Paradise.
The best way to do this is to claim souls on mass. They are given to poisoning water and food supplies, creating or enhancing natural disasters, summoning Demons, and spreading plague and pestilence. They will happily infect themselves with a deadly disease and carry it into a population center to spread it. They are responsible for most of the Hellian incursions.
They hail from the East, wearing their dark garb and armor, with faces hidden by cloth or visors, so as not to give away which of them is infected or possessed. Their Demonic steeds and Beasts are terrifying to behold. They are not trusted by any of the other races.
An Apocalypsian Army, on the march, will see the land before it emptied as all living things flee for safety. Only the boldest stand prepared to receive them, and more often or not, it is the ranks of the Legian that do battle with them.