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Celestians Coming Soon!


Their experience with the Frigians taught the Gods one thing. Their creations seemingly had a will of their own. They had experienced the same issue during experiments on other Worlds, and were beginning to think that some other power may be at play, but they themselves were aware of none. Afterall, they themselves were the Gods. They did not like the idea that they may be forgotten in Time (little did they know that “Time” would see to this). So they made the Celestians.

The Celestians had but one thing to do. Worship the Gods, now and Forever. These beings would be given the highest level of Intelligence, an understanding of the Stars and the Heavens, and an insatiable hunger to live among them someday. An ingrained and undeniable knowledge that their Creators and Teachers had come from the Stars, and that in Time they would return. The Gods taught them how to track the passage of Time using the stars, and the Celestians became Masters of Astronomy and Calenders.

“Time” almost fell over himself. The fools had created a Race that would value Time, and its measurement above the Gods themselves. The irony was just too delicious.

The Celestians were given the Southlands upon the Table of Creation, where they set about building huge stone structures and observatories amidst the Jungles, so that they might gain a better view of the Heavens.

When the Gods left Legian, and started the War of the Ascension, they did not want to leave the Celestians feeling betrayed, less they cease their Worship. So they took Twelve of the Wisest Celestians and transformed them into the Abaci. They would be responsible for Counting the Fallen and Tracking the Score. The Gods, of course, “promised” the Celestians that they would be the ones to Ascend in return for this great service, and the Celestians, being the most intelligent fools in Legian swore their undying Loyalty to the Gods in return.