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Crustacians Coming Soon!

The Crustacians are Guardians of the Secrets of the Element of Water, and patrol the Oceans and waterways surrounding Legian.
Like the other Elemental Races, they protect Legian from both within and without.
Their homeland is beneath the surface of the water in the North East of Legian, in the Ocean of Sorrow, so called because those that venture there seldom return.
Here the Temple of Water can be found.
This is a dangerous race, and ill tempered.
They do not need to maintain good relations with the other races, as they are not dependent on them in anyway, and in fact are given to eating them on a regular basis.
They are extremely intelligent, some possess human features, but they are most closely related to Sea Creatures in appearance.
They fall upon all vessels straying to far from, or to close to Legian utterly destroying the ship, and feasting on the flesh of its sailors.
The largest Crustacian Behemoths can clip a ship clean in half with one claw.
Given control of the Element of Water, if the need arises to march upon land, the Crustacian army can bring water with it. This can be used to both survive and sometimes as a devastating weapon, washing armies away before it.
The Line Breaker Troops, know as "Crushers" are particularly formidable, and the Water Spout Generator creates havoc.
The term "feeling Crabby" is a direct reflection of the mean spirited nature of these under water terrors.