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Dungeon Accessory Set #1 (40 Piece Set)

Price: $18.00
Item Number: Q4020
This pack contains 1 Complete Dungeon Accessory Set #1. It contains 40 pieces. The set does not include the demon figure, he is pictured for scale.

You get
2 Table Tops
1 Table with disected body
1 Log Bench
8 Various Chests and Crates (Note, 1 of the large crates doubles as "legs" for the big table)
5 Various Barrels (Note, the smallest barrell doubles as "legs" for the large table)
1 Wolf Skin Rug
1 Bed
1 Chest of Draws
7 Various Sacks
1 Bucket
1 Backpack
1 Wolf Head Trophy Mount
1 Weapon Rack (Note all the weapons are seperate, so you can choose what to put on it)
6 Weapons
3 Cart Wheels (Note, one of the small wheels double as a base for the small round table)

Figures are supplied unassembled and unpainted. Bases are not supplied.

This item is NOT A TOY and is recommended for hobbyists age 14 and older.