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Dwarians, as they are known to the race of men, were the 2nd race to be created by the Gods. The Gods needed a stout and hardy breed to work the Forges of the Great Anvil of Creation, high upon the peaks of the central Mountains. These mountains became known as the Mountains of Creation, sitting atop the great plateau in the center of the World, which is known as the Table of Creation.
If the Gods were going to leave a World at War, they needed to make sure everyone had weapons, and armor. Thus the Dwarians became masters of this craft, and supply all races with a vast array of deadly weapons of war, as well as incredibly fashioned armors, to defend against them. All races do trade with the Dwarians, many of them grudgingly. Most notably the Orcians, and the Elvians, for differing reasons. Orcians hate having to be accountable to anyone, and have tried many times to produce their own low quality weapons, but always end up back at the Anvil. The Elvians find the Dwarians disgusting, smelly, sweaty creatures, but also cannot deny their ability for craftsmanship.
Unfortuantely for the Dwarians, the Gods also require weapons for themselves, and for wars in other Worlds and Realms. So it is, that once every 33 years, one of the Gods returns to the Anvil to collect the quota. Every living Dwarian of Age (75 or older) must present one finely crafted Weapon, and one Piece of Armor, during a 33 day Ceremony known as the Great Arming.
If a Dwarians tribute is considered to be a work of art, all is well.
If it is not they are "Shamed", having all the hair atop their head removed, joining the ranks of the "Shame Bearers".
A second shaming in 33 years time, see's the removal of ones beard and the bestowing of the title "Twice Shamed".
A third shaming, just see's the removal of ones head!
A Shamed Dwarian who presents an acceptable piece, is considered to be "Forgiven", and is gifted with the Sight (having seen the light) and allowed to regrow their hair into a Mohawk, marking them as one of the Gods Chosen. The Sight allows them to see 1 Second and 2 Thoughts ahead of all other creatures, making them deadly in Battle.

Dwarian Spearmen
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