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Fairians Coming Soon!


The Fairians and Hellians are not of the World of Legian. In fact, no one really knows where they originate from, and these names are the ones given to them by the Races of Legian.
Their real names, and origins, are far older and more complex than most minds could comprehend. The Fairians and the Hellians are caught in an Eternal War, which rages across many Dimensions and Worlds. 
It could be said that they represent the Eternal Struggle between Good and Evil, although no one really knows which side is which.
Fairians, at least on the surface, seem to be charming and gentle creatures, but anybody knows that the Nymph you see one minute is suddenly all sharp, pointy teeth the next. 
All Fairians seem to glow with an Aura, as if they create their own light. This makes them seem warm and comforting. But beware, many a child has followed a Binx into the woods, and never returned.
Oddly, many have commented how this Aura seems to dim when a Fairian is held captive.
During battle, the powerful magics used by both sides, rip holes in the ether, and this is how armies, locked in battle, appear instantly in the World of Legian. Neither side cares about anything but defeating their blood enemy, and will not think twice about 
destroying anybody or anything that gets in their way.
This is what leads to the confusion about which side is Good and which side is Evil.
When an incursion happens, the races of Legian will put aside their differences, and campaign against the invaders, until the threat has been removed, for the good of all.