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Hissians Coming Soon!

The Hissians, as they are known to man, are another race not created by the Gods. In fact they are the youngest of the Races. They came about as a result of the emergence of the Vermians. The incredible abundance of vermin to devour, saw snake populations throughout Legian sky rocket, so much so that Snake Catching became a profession right alongside Rat Catching. The unfortunate side effect of all this was the evolution of the Hissians. The ingestion of the magically infused Vermian young started to mutate the genes and cells of their killers, until eventually snakes started to appear with human like appedices, and in some cases even fur.
It goes without saying that, like all things in nature, this helps maintain some balance. The Hissians almost exclusively feed onVermians, which helps with population control. 
Settlements throughout Legian offer Hissian families incentives to reside within them, specifically to aid in controlling the threat posed to young children by the Vermians.
Of course, there is always a plan within in plan. The Hissians plan to ascend.
Miraculously Hissian parties arrive in many settlements right as the Vermians emerge, almost as if they knew they were coming. Fortunately for the Hissians, the Vermians have such a bad reputation that no one would even guess it is the Hissians themselves that make the infants "disappear" at first. 
Having secured themslves a Welcome in every Village, Town and City in Legian, the Hissians are in a perfect position to strike.
It is only the Purians Hatred of all creatures not made by the Gods, that holds them at bay.

Design; Think Snakes,/Snakemen/Deep Hoods with Long Tails/Halfman Half Snake

Each Battle Valor Army Range consists of the same basic troops types listed below, with extras thrown in here and there as we like. The miniatures for each unit within the army will be something representative for their particular race.

Hand Weapons & Shields 
Double Handed Weapons
Pole Weapon & Shield
Missile Weapons
Unarmored Cavalry
Lightly Armored Cavalry
Heavily Armored Cavalry
Animal Packs
Large Infantry (Ogre Sized)
Monsters (Moor Beast Sized)
Monstrous Creature (Mammoth Sized)