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Lionians Coming Soon!

The Lionians were the third race to be created by the Gods. Having crafted the Pyramians and the Dwarians to help with the creation of Legian, they felt a need to provide these worker races and their constructions with some protection.
The Lionians were born out of the flesh of the Pyramians and Lions. This race would be proud, strong, loyal, noble and ferocious in combat when needed.
When the work was completed, the Lionians were given the Lands furthest to the North between the forks of the River of Stars.
This place would become known as the Pride Lands.
For the most part the Lionians keep themselves to themselves. They respect their neighbors to the West, the Wovians, and have nothing but disgust for their neighbors to the East, the Barbarians.
They spend much of their time with family and in search of knowledge and wisdom. They are the record keepers of Legian, and have amassed the most extensive library in the land.
In honor of the service they provided to the Pyramians, a great Sphinx was erected in the heart of Lionia, a half man, half lion monolith. This was carved from a single piece of stone, and is visible for miles in every direction.
Between its vast front paws, is the entrance to the great Library of Lionidas, the first of the Lionian Race.
Visitors seeking knowledge are welcomed from everywhere, and the Council of the Mane is sort out for its Wisdom by all rulers.
Even the Gods are known to visit the Lionians from time to time, as these beings are seen as a race truly worthy of a place in the stars.
Lionian armies only ever fight to defend their borders,in aid of the weak, or in direct service of the Gods.
There martial prowess is awe inspiring, and from time to time, Lionian armies have been taken by the Gods to fight campaigns on other worlds. This makes them one of the few races that know anything about the real goings on in the Universe at large.
When a Lionian Warrior reaches their prime, they lay down their weapons, and become "Wisdoms". Wearing hooded robes, carrying a Lion headed staff, and a "Tome of the Ages", they wander all the lands both dispensing and seeking Wisdom.