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Purians Coming Soon!

The Purians are one of the original Pure Blood human tribes, created by the Gods themselves, and their arrogance knows no bounds. This world was not the Gods only experiment, and from experience they knew all to well, that time, and some force beyond their control would pollute and mutate their creation.
They created the Purians and filled them with one thought and one thought only. That any and all creatures not listed on the Great Scroll, or bearing any kind of mutation or deformity not listed in the Great Anatomy of the Races, must be hunted, killed and burned, so that the decaying flesh may not penetrate or pollute the earth.
The fires of the Purians can be seen burning throughout Legian, piled high with the bodies of the Un-Godly.
If any race could be called beautiful as a whole, it would be the Purians. Every Man, Women, and Child is perfect in stature and countenance. They breed only with their own to maintain their Purity.
Non Purians are not allowed to even glance upon a Purian. The penalty for doing so, is having ones eyes put out. This makes Diplomatic Missions very tricky.
Purian males and females, train in combat as soon as they prove themselves worthy by lifting the Purian Hammer in the Hall of Ascendance, in the City of Puria. A Pilgrimage that can be undertaken at any age, but only tried twice. A second failure is considered a sign of some form of weakness, sickness or impurity. No Child returns home from a 2nd failure.
From their Keeps and Bastions, they strike forth to bring the cleansing flame unto the Unascending where ever they may be found, venturing into places the Gods themselves would fear to pursue a quarry.

Design; Think Crusaders/Knights/Paladins/Men at Arms/Flames/Books/Scrolls

Each Battle Valor Army Range consists of the same basic troops types listed below, with extras thrown in here and there as we like. The miniatures for each unit within the army will be something representative for their particular race.

Hand Weapons & Shields 
Double Handed Weapons
Pole Weapon & Shield
Missile Weapons
Unarmored Cavalry
Lightly Armored Cavalry
Heavily Armored Cavalry
Animal Packs
Large Infantry (Ogre Sized)
Monsters (Moor Beast Sized)
Monstrous Creature (Mammoth Sized)