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Saurians Coming Soon!

The Saurian Race ended up in a Legian as a mistake. Whilst creating Legian, the Gods started seeding another world.
Here they had decided to try and experiment with a race of enormous creatures using mostly Lizard genes.
While working on Legian, they started to create some of the beasts for this other world, and while their experiments were a success, the creatures they bred were far to large and dangerous to let roam around the land.
So  they picked a chunk of the south east and created a natural enclosure by erecting the "The Cage" .
This piece of land is surrounded by the sea to the east and south, and a massive, purposely constructed continuos mountain range to the north and west.
Here they could continue their work, without putting the denizens of Legian at risk.
When they left Legian, they left some of the great Lizards behind, thinking that if they ever needed to put an end to Legian, it might be novel to just knock down the mountain range and let the beasts have at it.
Like everything else in Legian, time and magic started to mutate the creatures at the embryonic level, and soon smaller creatures emerged. At first, these were just smaller versions of their giant parents.
But as time passed, creatures with human looking features started to emerge, some had feathers, some walked on two legs, others had wings.
From time to time, one of these giant monstrosities would find its way out of "The Cage", and create havoc. 
As the creatures got smaller and more agile, more and more appeared beyond the range and in the sea.
Some of the races soon took to using these creatures as beasts of burden, mounts, and even machines of war. 
Few are bold enough to enter "The Cage", they hunt its perimeter and capture stray beasts. Some even try to breed them.
Those that have entered "The Cage" do not return.
If the peoples of Legian knew what was brewing inside "The Cage", they would either flee the Isle forever, or unite to put an end to it.