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The Scalian race, as it is known to humans, originates from the Jungles & Swamps of the South East. They are a fierce, unforgiving race, and given the complete lack of mercy they show to others, are given none themselves. They will eat the flesh of just about anything they kill, including their own kind. They find the meat of their neighboring Amazonian and Celestian enemies particularly sweet. 
They are not known for taking prisoners, unless the army is on an extended march and it needs a fresh suppply of meat. They like to eat flesh in its raw state, with its owner still breathing if at all possible. Success in battle, can see an entire army fall upon the dead and dying of both sides, feasting for hours a t a time. This is when a Scalian Army is at its most vulnerable and many enemy generals have used this to their advantage. Often a small force is sacrificed to start the feeding frenzy, at which point the main army swoops in, catching the Scalians in disarray.
The race has evloved over time from the original Reptilian Race created by the Gods, and features all manner of terrifying scaly beasts.

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