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The Stygians are one of the many Human factions that can be found in the Wold of Legian. They hail from the Steppes, somewhere between the Lands of the Frigians and the Dynastians. No one knows exactly where, as they don't stay in one place very long. They claim whatever land they currently patrol as their own, even if its not. There saying "Home is where someone else's hat hangs"  about sums them up.
As a whole they believe the easiest way to increase their Tally is by attacking those least likely to put up a stiff fight. They actively hunt lightly or unguarded settlements, caravans, and concentrations of civilians, putting all within them to the sword.
This does not mean they cannot fight. In fact they are terrifyingly skilled Swordsmen and Archers, and their light Cavalry are unmatched.
The Stygians are one of the few pure blood Human Tribes, originally created by the Gods to see just how merciless they could make men. They were bred to kill without remorse, and taught to celebrate the releasing of a soul as if they were doing a kindness to its owner. 
There is nothing good about the Stygians except their belief in a quick death. The fewer strokes a kill takes, the more kills they can make. Their sword strokes are precise, calculated and delivered to cause maximum bloodloss or death. This ability carries into their archery skills.
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