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Valkyrians Coming Soon!

The Valkyrians are not actually a race in their own right, but actually part of the Barbarian Race. 
When a female of the Barbarian Race reaches sixteen years of age, she is taken to the Betrothal Ceremony on Mid Summers Eve.
Here they are selected as the would be wives of the Barbarian Warriors.
The Barbarian that has achieved the greatest Tally since last Mid Summers Eve, gets to pick first, and then the warrior with the next highest Tally, and so on and so forth until all the maidens have been Betrothed.
Some Barbarians have multiple wives and some have none.
This is because they never score high enough in the Tally, to secure one of the limited number of Maidens available during the Betrothal Ceremony.
Once the ceremony as ended each maiden, now a "Valkyrie" is fitted with a chastity belt, the key to which is given to her would be husband.
They are also given a Winged Helmet, a symbol of their "flight" from Childhood into Womanhood.
All the new Valkyries are then sent to the West, to the "Unbroken Mountain", to join the Order of Valkyr.
Here they must remian for 10 years, training and fighting alongside all the other Valkyr, to help increase the Barbarian Tally.
If they survive this "Trial by Combat", they have proven themselves worthy of bearing a Barbarian child.
At the age of 26 they make the return trip to Barbaria, to claim their husband, wedding night, and right to bear child, on Mid Summers Eve.
This journey is know as the "Ride of the Valkyries" for more than one reason.
To be a Barbarian Mother, is considered the Highest of Honors.
This is why a Barbarian Horde is always led by the "Mother".
Only the Mother can give birth, and by right, only she should be able to take it away.
Some Valkyr choose not to return, for many reasons. It might be because they have found their own sense of worth among the Valkyr, or that they didn't like their would be husband, or some other reason known only to them.
These Valkyr remain chaste their entire life, and become known as the "Unbreakable".
These fierce and skilled female warriors, lead the Order of the Valkyr.