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Vermians, as they are known to the race of men, originate from a mix of magic, and the filth that most human settlements seem to generate. This race was not created by the Gods, and as a result have no plans to ascend to the Heavens, atlhough they are aware of their existence. Instead their plans revolve around taking over the Heavens in much the same way they have infiltrated every known settlement in the World of Legian. By catching a ride!
Their plan is simple. When the Gods return they will sneak aboard their ships and return to infest the Heavens with their multitudes. They breed faster than any other race in Legian.
They are Masters of the Shadows and feed almost exclusively on the young of every other race. They sneak into darkened rooms, stealing away the babes, and infants.
You never face just one Vermian. Where there is one, there are twenty more, which is not a bad thing when its comes to racking up the great Tally.
They are a Plague upon the World, and the Purians have fought a Crusade against them for as long as can be remembered, vowing to end the existence of the pestilence that sows terror into the heart of every parent and child of Legian.

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